Welcome to the Funerary Cult

A variety of cultures, from ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire have had funerary cults. Funerary cults venerate the dead and carry on their legacies and stories. We often joke that by telling the stories of badass babes from history, we’ve started our own herstorical funerary cult and YOU can join us! Here we list Patreon members of the Priestess tier and higher. These are some of the AMAZING people who keep the wine flowing and help us share even more stories of women you probably haven’t heard of! Want to join the Funerary Cult? Click below to join our Patreon at the Funerary Cult tier or higher and well feature your name here!



  • Marissa Linschied
  • Andi Herzenach
  • Mama Meg
  • Melissa Bossler
  • Amanda Adams