Survivor Stories & The Tinkerbell of Paper Bags

Hello again! This episode has a TRIGGER WARNING and so does the notes. Name: Timoclea of Thebes Dates: Unknown What she did: Survived Timoclea isn’t just known for the bad things that happened to her; she’s known for her response. We don’t know when Timoclea of Thebes was born. We don’t know what her childhood […]

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Dr. Payne & Las Mariposas

buzzsprout episode=’1493812′ player=’true’] Cecilia Payne Born: May 10, 1900     Died: December 7, 1979 Legacy: Astronomer and Astrophysicist Born in Wendover, England to Mother Emma Leonora Helena and father Edward John Payne. Her father died when Cecilia was only 4, and her mother took on raising the family on her own. Cecilia went to St. […]